Dr. Jasim Mohammad has been honored by many coveted awards for his services to nation masses and causes He has contributed in protection of cow also For a that he was honored as Director of Muslim Studies and Analysis FMSA for launching campaign for cow protection with Acharya Hasti Karuna Institution Award in recognition of his efforts in demanding complete ban on cow slaughter ban on beef export and opposing unchecked slaughtering of animals by Karuna International and Surana and Surana International Attorneys Chennai on 28 December 2014 at Indore MP Global Economic progress & Research Association (GEPRA), Thiruvannamalai (Tamilnadu) has announced to knows Dr. Jasim Mohammad with Bharat Ratna Dr. Radha Krishnan gold medal award to him which will be presented in national unity conference to held at Chennai on 5th September 2017.
Dr Jasim Mohammad rendered great service to Swaksh Bharat Abhiyan Clean India Mission launched by PM Nerendra Modi for which he was awarded Bharat Gaurav Samman by World Human Rights Protection Association New Delhi on 10 December 2016 at Russian Culture Center New Delhi.
As Dr Jasim Mohammad is also a linguist Harfzar Literary Society Aligarh honored him with Raisuddin Rais award in recognition of his contributions for enhancing Indian literature with emphasis on Linguistic Justice.
Likewise Asghar Ali Shamsi Award was bestowed upon Dr Jasim Mohammad by Dayar e Adab India in the field of composite culture and linguistic diversity in 2014 at New Delhi.
The biggest achievement of Dr Jasim Mohammad is that ministry of Human Resource Development took into account the contributions of Dr Jasim Mohammad and he has been appointed Member Secretary of the Committee on Development of Urdu Language and Jobs in India constituted by National Commission for Minority Education Institutions NCMEI Ministry of HRD Government of India.
Dr Jasim Muhammad also presented large number of Research Papers in national and international seminars conferences apart of himself organizing seminars on pattern of Chai Pe Charcha He held seminars on Urdu in collaboration of NCPUL MHRD New Delhi seminars on Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and also seminars on various social issues.
Dr Jasim Mohammad is very active man who is working on ground level and knows pulse of people.